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The Mobile Potting Table

Make this move-around Potting Table in a single weekend and get set for a “blooming” Summer season!



If you have an active Green Thumb, you probably spend a fair amount of time potting and re- potting your treasured plants - and more likely than not, get your share of backaches from doing it! Now, you can put an end to those annoying backaches with this handy, 36" high Mobile Potting Table that we guarantee will make your chores lighter and put more “fun” back into your horticultural activities.

NOTE: Although we're calling it a Potting Table, by eliminating the cutout in the top, it also makes an excellent Barbecue Table, Poolside Porta-Bar or Move-Around Workbench.

With screwed and doweled construction, a beefy 1-1/2" thick top and solid, 4" x 4" legs, this Table is sturdy enough to handle your toughest tasks. Plus, the convenient Handle and Wheels bring added portability to this heavyweight workhorse.

We made our table from (mostly) ordinary 2"x4" fir construction lumber...being careful to pick out straight, knot-free pieces for the best appearance. Another option would be to make it from 3/4" thick Western Red Cedar, Redwood or Cypress stock, glued-up to the appropriate thicknesses. These alternative lumbers are much more durable when exposed to the weather.

We made our wheels from three pieces of 3/4" stock, glued-up to a 2-1/4" thickness, but you could just as easily purchase a couple of 8" diameter wheels and steel axle from your local Home Center. If you do decide to make your own, for the sake of durability, it will pay you to use a rugged, closed-grain, hard wood such as maple...alternate the grain directions of the glued-up pieces for added strength...and round the edges over to help prevent splintering. For added protection, you could also cut out a couple of rings of motorcycle inner-tube and stretch them over your wooden wheels.

NOTE: Due to outdoor exposure, use only waterproof resorcinol or epoxy glue when assembling the Table.

Begin by cutting the two Top Side Rails, two Top End Rails and two Top Support Rails to length, as per the Bill of Materials. Round over one end of each Top Side Rail using your Shopsmith Bandsaw or Scroll Saw. Smooth the rounded ends with your MARK V Disc Sander.

Next, cut the two Shelf Side Rails, two Shelf End Rails, two Top Shelf Support Rails and four Legs to length, as per the Bill of Materials.



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