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The Mobile Potting Table
Make this move-around Potting Table in a single weekend and get set for a “blooming” Summer season!

Next, temporarily dry-assemble (without glue) the Rails and Legs (not the top, shelf or axle/wheel assembly), using clamps. When you're comfortable that all components are properly positioned, insert an ordinary pencil into the 1/4" diameter lag screw holes to mark the positions of all pilot holes in the mating pieces. Before disassembling number all mating components to be sure everything goes back together as you have it. Disassemble and drill 1/8" diameter x 2" deep lag screw pilot holes in all mating components.

Assemble and glue all frame components as shown in the drawing. Drop the Bottom Shelf into position and allow it to rest on the Bottom Rails without glue, nails or screws. This makes replacement easy, in the event of weather damage.

Attach the Top into position using three countersunk (NOT counterbored) #8 x 3" brass or stainless steel screws through the Top and into the top edge of each Side Rail and another into the center of each of the four Top Support Rails. Do not glue the top to the frame.

Thread each end of the Axle (1/2"-12 pitch) insert into Legs as shown and add wheels.

Stain and apply the weatherproof top coat of your choice. If you're using redwood or Western red cedar, a finish may not be necessary at all.

If you like, you can add simple plumbing fixtures at the “tub” end of the Potting Table that hook up to your garden hose. That way, it could double as a vegetable clean-up table.


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